February 11, 2019 

To Whom It May Concern, 

We had the pleasure to work with Brian and Edouard twice in 2018, first when we purchased our new house, and then, when we sold our condominium. Our experience could not have been better. 

The level of professionalism, service and honesty provided by Brian and Edouard was second to none. Both are extremely responsive and their knowledge of the market was exceptional. They also understood our needs better than even we did, making recommendations in terms of location, buying and selling strategies, and design that ultimately proved to be crucial to finalize each transaction. Moreover, these recommendations mean that we now live in a house that fits our needs even better than we anticipated. 

Brian and Edouard are not only exceptional professionals, but also, they are incredibly supportive. Selling and buying properties are very stressful events in one's life. The knowledge, the listening, the calm and the comfort provided by the team made the experience a lot less painful, even enjoyable! Moreover, the friendliness and good nature of Brian and Edouard was such that each communication was always a pleasure. 

Finally, Brian's taste is impeccable. Brian could tell from pictures alone how a house would feel and look in reality. At first, each time he would tell us that a house would not have pleasant natural light, volumes, or set up, we would still want to see it. Each time, he was right. Quickly, we learnt to listen to his recommendation from the get go. Ultimately, this proved to be the right decision as Brian unearthed the most beautiful house at the perfect price. 

When all is said and done, not only would we go again with Brian and Edouard for any of our future real estate transaction needs in Montreal, but also, we warmly recommend to anyone to engage these two incredible experts to fulfill their real estate needs. 

Alia Nurmohamed, MBA and Mathieu Savary, CFA 

Chief Foreign Exchange Strategist, BCA Research