Daniel Cohen

Dear Brian,
I wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we are with the job you and Edouard did selling our home at the end of last year. The home meant so much to my fiancé and I… as a result, we were somewhat on the fence about selling it. Had we not received an offer for what we were asking, we likely would not have sold. Furthermore, as I am sure you recall, we are exceptionally private people and didn’t even want to list the home or put up For Sale signage etc. Despite all these handicaps we imposed, we must admit, you still made miracles happen; and for this reason we want to make sure others know what they can expect when dealing with you.
Firstly, you weren’t pushy in the least and it was very evident early on, that meeting our expectations for discretion during the sale process, was more important to you than making the sale, a sign of exceptional professionalism. Of course, a not too distant second place for us was asking price; and towards that end, only reliable, unbiased guidance on your part, would ensure that we would receive accurate information on this front. Simply put, we believe that is precisely what happened, and the result was that we received the highest price possible. In this regard you went far above and beyond our expectations. The quality market analysis and extensive ‘black book’ of connections, that only comes with decades of positive experience, translated into what can only be described as a truly outstanding performance, for which we are truly grateful. And to have accomplished all of this in less than 48 hours without even listing the property on Centris…Sensational !!
My fiancé Ivanka Gagnon and myself would recommend you to anyone, particularly those with high value properties such as ours, which we believe, is a special niche that simply isn’t the domain of agents or brokers who don’t have experience with the big ticket properties that you do. Bravo Brian !
Warm Regards,
Daniel Cohen, April 14th, 2020