Dear Brian and Edouard, 

I can not express to the two of you, yet again, what a difference you have made in the entire experience of purchasing our new home, especially in the world of the unknown called covid. Despite the fact that I had many great people helping me out with the acquisition from A-Z, no one supported and helped us from the macro to the micro items as you guys did. Your level of knowledge, insight and intuition are unparalleled I am convinced in the local industry and you are my #1 go to for everything house related...bylaws related to buying historic properties down to window valances. 

Simply, I can't imagine having weathered this unusual storm the past couple of months without you and would not consider buying any property without your trusted and 

Kudos to the two of you for continuing to provide a personalized and responsive service in a time not only of the big box store but in a time of actual pandemic crisis. 

Thank you so much!