Anne Fitzpatrick
Dear Brian,

I’m writing to thank you for all your help with the sale of my condo. It was wonderful signing the last documents on the 4th of July. If we were American, there could have been fireworks!

Right through the process, you were as thoughtful and judicious as my friend said you would be. I am even more appreciative now for her having recommended you. The reputation you have established belies your modest and understated approach.

From the beginning, you listened both to my reservations and to my evolving decision to sell, telling me what I might expect and allowing me the time I needed. And both you and Edouard responded so proactively when I did decide Not to mention the imagination you showed in doing the staging. Such flexibility needs particular mention, as does the unfailing discretion and courtesy you extended to me and to all those who visited. The door staff at this building hold you in high regard.

I realize in retrospect that you had every confidence the condo would sell, and very near the price we had agreed on. That reassurance steadied me, especially when I was thinking of making adjustments. Never exerting pressure, you assured me, too, that the final decision was entirely mine to make.

Although the past three months could certainly have been far more stressful than they were, it is certainly a relief for that phase to be over.

I am grateful for your kind offer of input on my next step, and will recommend you and your services with much enthusiasm to others.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Fitzpatrick